ClearedBadge - Part of CLEARED(R) Platform


The ClearedBadge is another Access Control product in Priva’s CLEARED(R) platform, but it targets a different user population than does the ClearedScreen.  The employee I.D. badge market is at once both highly competitive and under-served.  Existing products can be lost, stolen, or reprogrammed, but the ClearedBadge has a feature unmatched by any other badge product: it is lit and readable when being used properly, and it turns off and goes dark when it is lost, stolen, or used improperly.  The ClearedBadge can also go dark and become disabled when access for an individual “times out” in a restricted area.  This capability is especially useful for organizations with multiple people transiting secure areas, since the darkened badge stands out and alerts everyone to an individual’s illicit presence.  This aspect of heightened security is even more important at airports and other large installations because lost badges (or having former employees keep them) are a huge problem.  Government agencies and many corporations have similar challenges.  Replacing everyone’s badge is time consuming and costly, so in addition to exceptional security, the ClearedBadge offers customers the potential for hefty savings.  As for competition, the ClearedBadge and its incomparable security features currently stand alone in the field of I.D. badge security