ClearedKey - Part of CLEARED(R) Platform


Credit cards can be lost or stolen, I.D. badges can be forged, and so-called “smart cards” have proven to be anything but intelligent.  Even the smartest cards only have narrow uses, and most of them give users a false sense of security.  These cards can be hacked into, reprogrammed, and then hijacked for use by criminals or other unauthorized users.  Priva’s initial product for addressing these shortcomings was the ClearedKey, part of Priva's CLEARED(R) series products.  This small token is biometrically activated, ensuring that only the intended user can activate it.  This solution to the authentication problem would be of little use, however, if those with criminal intent could hack into the ClearedKey and reprogram it with an unauthorized user’s biometric information.  The critical part of the ClearedKey that prevents such tampering is Priva’s own ClearedChip.  This unique, tamper-resistant feature of Priva’s ClearedKey was validated by the U.S. Government when it certified the ClearedKey as the world’s first FIPS 140-2 Level 3 biometrically enabled device.  The ClearedKey remains the only token to receive this high level of encryption certification.  

Because of its ability to authenticate individuals and networks with certainty, the ClearedKey has applications across industry lines. From authentication of individuals who want to gain access to secure applications located on a corporation’s information technology (“IT”) platform, to a One Time Password for internet sites, to password replacement, the ClearedKey is the answer when a higher level of security than user name and password is desired.  The ClearedKey is also priced to be cost effective relative to the administrative costs currently associated with utilizing user name and password on a corporate intranet.  There are many portable electronic devices and/or applications which could benefit from trusted access using the ClearedKey and/or related technology.  For example, Priva has adapted the underlying ClearedKey technologies for use in cell phones and smart phones.  The ClearedKey will also enable users to securely store their private medical records, thus allowing them to be portable – and safe.  Finally, the ClearedKey can be combined with other Priva products and the Company’s Cleared(R) Platform to serve new market opportunities