ClearedScreen  - Part of CLEARED(R) Platform


Priva’s ClearedScreen product is a system designed to offer fast, cost-effective, and very secure screening of all personnel needing access to a sensitive area.  The ClearedScreen system, part of the CLEARED(R) platform, combines three Priva products – ClearedKey, ClearedReader, and ClearedHost – into one seamless offering that gives users both the security they need and the privacy they desire.  The whole system allows for secure, tamper-resistant identity verification and tracking, all while preserving privacy.  The user’s personal information is stored only on the ClearedKey – not on a “big brother” database that would be a tempting target for hackers, criminals, and even terrorists. 

ClearedScreen is thus a unique product offering that Priva believes is unmatched by any competing security system.  Other companies offer components of Priva’s system, but none can provide the tamper-resistant security and real time employee status information while protecting the privacy of an employee’s personal information.  Customers demand the highly secure nature of this system, but potential customers also covet the privacy aspect of it.  

The market for the ClearedScreen system extends to a variety of market segments including large government installations, corporate campuses, hospitals and almost any sensitive location where large numbers of people need access.